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Weekly Oracle Reading || Oct 22nd – Oct 28th 🔮

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*
*What’s happening: Solitude/Release.
*What tools can we use: Encounter/Stillness.
*What’s the week’s outcome: Serendipity/Water.

Decks: Oracle of Nightmares, White Rabbit Oracle, The Illuminated Earth Oracle, and The Halloween Oracle

After some time of solitude, some may feel reenergized, while many others are in serious need of alone time. Please honor this need by asking loved ones for some space and solitude and for those who are being asked to give space, do so with a generous heart. Some are purging and releasing people and things that no longer serve. It is time to release, let go, and let God in this week on a particular situation you’ve been wrestling with for some time now. ~~ In stillness we encounter our true selves. Take time this week for stillness. Quiet the mind and encounter moments of stillness. This is when magical, powerful thoughts come to us. ~~ Literally a serendipitous moment will happen over water at the end of the week- a bridge, a ferry, or a plane. Deep, stormy emotions will well up this week, demanding to be dealt with this week. Unexpected gifts/opportunities come to pass, after some emotional soul searching takes place this week.
Extended Message: Midnight~The most magical hour of all. You may feel this is your darkest hour, but know that light will return again. The dawn always follows the darkest part of the night. Our darkness is not something to run from. Just like we recognize our light, we must also honor our darkness.

Have a blessed and abundant week!

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