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Weekly Oracle Reading || Dec 10th – Dec 16th 🔮

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*
*What’s happening: Earth/Deceit.
*What tools can we use: Obstacle/A Journey.
*What’s the week’s outcome: Structure/Rest.

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~~We move past the reign of deceit that’s been clouding the atmosphere as of late. This week is about getting to the root of the problem or indiscretion. The Earth card also suggests the need to ground this week. Where is the deceit coming from? On a political level? Your employer? A friend?A foe? A partner? Ourselves? Time to unearth the lie this week. ~~The perceived obstacle takes us on an unexpected spiritual journey into enlightenment. Travel or the plans of travel may be at hand this week. ~~Our faith in the system or structures of our life is beginning to be restored. We also gain structure in our personal life through resting our body and soul. It is about making it a priority this week to look after ourselves. Refrain from full depletion or working too much. The card for many affirms rest and recharging the spirit will happen at the end of the week.

Extended Messages: Change – Transformation is coming. An affirmation to say this week, “I welcome the dynamic energy of change and all the known and not yet known blessings it will bring into my life.”
Have a blessed and abundant week!

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