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Weekly Oracle Reading | Jan 14th – Jan 20th 🔮

Annotated Weekly Jan 14th Resized

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*
*What’s happening: Water/Invitation.
*What tools can we use: Anguish/Kindred Spirits.
*What’s the week’s outcome: Take Off/Resistance.

🔮~Link to Extended Weekly Video Reading:

Decks: #WhiteRabbitOracle #OracleofNightmares #AngelsandAncestorsOracle #QueenoftheMoonOracle #TheIlluminatedEarthOracle

~~We are invited to deal with deep emotions. Water represents unhindered flow of emotional energy. Use the healing properties of water to emotionally, spiritually or physically cleanse ourselves. There will be opportunities to make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and there’s an increase in socializing.~~We connect with souls who share in our pain. This kindred connection helps us take a step back and remember we have the power to choose a different perspective allows us to be more at peace. The lunar eclipse this week will also push the old anguish forward to be dealt with. ~~Starting a journey to release resistance is happening. Initially, there was inner friction within ourselves. The emotional healing that took place earlier in the week readies us for completing an important goal.

Extended Messages: Action-The time has come to take action. Sometimes fear holds us back but the lunar eclipse is moving us to forgive others and ourselves. The eclipse is also moving us to take action steps, like accept a new job, new studies, writing a book, seeking better relationships, and healing old wounds. Star Ancestor-Continue following the cosmic guidance that is coming your way. Guardian Angel-Divine intervention at work-helpers sent to make your path easier.

Have a blessed and abundant week!

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Oracle Reading | Jan 14th – Jan 20th 🔮”

  1. Hello Kim! I’m having trouble accessing this week’s reading. I’m using my iPad; does the link work better on a laptop maybe? 💗

    1. Hello!! Please try to view it from your laptop now. Late last night, Vimeo accidentally flagged my video and then when they fixed it, it appears the links and settings I set did not save. Thank you for letting me know!! I promise these technical issues will subside and I am in so much gratitude for you!!! Thank you! 💖💕

      1. Hey, Kim! I’ll check it out soon. I totally understand the glitchy nature of setting up new sites, memberships, etc. Will let you know how I go. Much love to you! xxx

      2. Hello again. Just watched the reading on my laptop. Worked beautifully, and your messages are, no surprise, spot on for me this week. You really do have a knack for tuning into the energies that influence and support me. Many blessings, beautiful lady. xxx

      3. Hi there! Thank you for watching the video and letting me know the video is now working. I freaked out last night when the video was yanked. My first thought was you! I know I’m a day behind and wanted to make sure the video was up so you can watch it. Anyways, I am so happy to hear the reading resonated for you – just consider me your personal weekly Oracle 💞💗

      4. Oh, you are so incredibly accurate for me, I already do consider you my personal weekly oracle. <3 <3

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