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Weekly Oracle Reading || March 4th – March 10th🔮

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*
*What’s happening: Memory/Empowerment/Protection.
*What tools can we use: Imagination/Deluge.
*What’s the week’s outcome: Offering/Doubt/Anguish.
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~~Perhaps we are the protectors, while others are in need of being protected. This week finds us remembering we are empowered most when we protect what’s sacred and dear to us.~~We can use our imagination to guide us as we navigate the deluge of stormy emotions. What’s allowed to come up in the mind this week, will have a profound effect on an emotional situation we’ve been dealing with.~~We are doubting what is being offered to us, like it is too good to be true. We ask, “is it real?” Spirit whispers back, “But, my darling, it is actually as good as it seems. Surrender the anguish, and take a step to higher ground for new perspective at how you are looking at this particular situation.”

Extended Messages: Medicine Guardian– The gift of insight into healing and the manifestation of wellness is at hand this week. Something is about to be healed in a profound way, be ready to bear witness to a miracle. Winter– as the thick of winter draws to a close, the need to take better care of ourselves grows, as we prepare for a new season of emergence. This is a time to put health and wellbeing first, at the same time as moving beyond fears and limitations.
Have a blessed and abundant week!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Oracle Reading || March 4th – March 10th🔮”

  1. Yet another great reading, Kim. I’m wary of the Deluge card, though. Let’s hope it’s something I can handle. Thank you, as always, for your time, skill and guidance, beautiful lady, 🤗💗

    1. I know what you mean about the deluge card – not in the mood for it, LOL! I think it also is coinciding with the Pisces energies floating around. Big hugs to you!! XOXO~Kim

    1. It is a blast and lots of info that I can’t wait to share! Info overload in a very good way 💗.

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