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Weekly Oracle Reading || March 18th – March 24th🔮

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*

*~*Abundance Edition*~*

  • This week’s abundance forecast: Dreams, Wounds, and Shadow Self
  • The tools we will use: Partnership, Deservingness, Focus Your Priorities

🔮~Decks: #DearHeartOracle #AngelsofAbundanceOracle #EarthboundOracle

~~We’ve got dreams and we’re in various stages of pursuing them, but there are also wounds arising from disappointments and goals unfulfilled. Our shadow self tells us we have a deservingness or worthiness issue that is deeply rooted, to the point that we may not even realize we’ve been operating in wounded, lack mentality. This week finds us focusing on our dreams and finally prioritizing them amongst the rest of our busy lives. We are also digging deep into our psyche and analyzing what needs to be forgiven and released and what needs to be resurrected. It’s a good time to do some deep soul diving into our shadow selves. On the other side of this deep dive? Abundance tenfold.

Extended Message: Intuition– Allow your inner guidance to show what needs to be released in your life, such as your hectic schedule, a one sided relationship, or a bad habit that’s depleting your life and funds. and lean into your intuition this week.
Have a blessed and abundant week!

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Oracle Reading || March 18th – March 24th🔮”

  1. What a great reading, Kim! Synchronistically, I only decided last night to focus on my abundance and money mindset, and I can already see how your reading is starting to play out in my week. Thank you so much, always, for sharing your gift and messages with us. Huge hugs, my friend. xxx

    1. Hi there~You are so, so welcome! And thank you for your grace, generosity and kindness!! Big hugs to you! 💗

  2. Great messages, Kim! Thank you, they are most definitely resonating with me this week!

    It has become increasing apparent in recent weeks that I have a very deep wound around worthiness that needs dealt with. And after a big disappointment yesterday I reached out for assistance from a friend that I had been kind of pulling back from and it was just what we both needed! She needed to see what all she learned in her 300 hours of yoga for trauma survivors and I needed some non-judgemental support and guidance.

    Do you have any recommended resources on doing shadow work? I keep hearing about doing it but seem to find much on how to integrate the shadow.

    As always, thank you!

    1. Well Hello There! I feel like it is in the air with the deep seated wounds around worthiness, that’s for sure. I recorded a video last night on working with an abundance spread (I can’t wait to put it up and see if you all try it out and what comes up for you). The spread looks at our attitudes towards money in a cool way, that makes me feel like I now know where my true shadow work lies. Oohhh, I just love when you ask questions because then it gets me thinking about resources! There’s a plethora of ways to work with our shadow – I typically will do shadow work through Tarot for myself and others and then create some “homework” around what comes up from our shadow. There are tons of YouTube videos and books, but I think we could use either a blog post or video to put all the resources together. I may put out a call on the main Tarot boards to have folks suggest their favorite ways to work with shadow and then do a video discussion on it. Once you start exploring the shadow self – wow, so many doors open up in so many ways. P.S. I got your email and I am definitely going to be replying back. Sending you lots love, Kim

      1. Ooo, I am looking forward to that video on the abundance spread! I’ll definitely be trying it out.

        I’m happy my questions are inspiration rather than annoying, lol!

        No worries about the e-mail. I know it is a meaty/heavy one.


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