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Weekly Oracle Reading || June 3rd – June 9th 🔮

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*

*What’s happening: Clarity/Unlimted/Owl.

*What tools can we use: Movement/Confidence/Shark.

*What’s the week’s outcome: Unlimted/Flourish/Crab.

🔮~Decks: #DarkMoonDamselOracle #AnimalAlliesOracle #QueenoftheMoonOracle

~~This week we receive the clarity of how best to float in harmony. The Owl is about seeing past illusions, to examine what is really important. The Owl also symbolizes change and tapping into untapped potential in ourselves as we transform. ~~Be fearless, like the Shark this week. Shark is an invitation to take charge, to take action, and to move through fear. Feel fear, but don’t let it stop forward movement. ~~Many unlimited opportunities are flourishing by the end of this week. The Crab has us wanting to crawl into our shells, to play small, but the Universe has other plans. Where have we been playing small? Unlimited options will at times overwhelm us this week.

Extended Messages: Flower Moon~Blossoming – Do not give up, you have planned for this. Don’t worry about what others are saying or thinking about what you’re doing. Like the blossoming flower, open, grow, and rise. Someone around you may be jealous, but mark your victories anyway. Don’t let fear or low vibes cause you to dig up what you’ve planted before it’s even had a chance to blossom.

Have a blessed and abundant week!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Oracle Reading || June 3rd – June 9th 🔮”

  1. The energy’s getting ready to rev up again, I feel. Thanks for another great, resonant reading, Kim; this is sooo amazingly appropriate for my week ahead. And, I found several of these messages applicable for the longer term, too, like sage, evergreen advice. You’re a true blessing for me, beautiful. Thank you for being you! Huge hugs, blessings to you and yours, lots of love xxooxx

  2. That last card especially spoke to me. I liked your analogy. It made me think of the first fishing trip my sister and I took with our grandfather. We used live bait and at one point grandpa reeled his in so it was shallow to make sure the minnow was still alive. My sister followed suit, but being both quite young and impatient she’d reel it in up out of the water and would do it every few minutes until her bait really was dead. It has me second guessing myself a tiny little bit. About a month ago I decided to change therapists and my first session with the new therapist is this morning. Did I give the old enough of a chance? I do think I did. I chose him for a very specific reason and it seems other things need dealt with before his specialty and he wasn’t really pushing me forward. Plus, with the new moon this morning in mercury-ruled Gemini with lots of energy around communication I suspect I did ok in making the change and coincidently getting the appointment on such a day. But it does make one stop and think a little.

    The other cards probably relate pretty well too. Transformation, fear, playing small. All very relevant to where I’ve been recently and trying to make my way through/out of.

    Thanks once again for your amazing and supportive readings, my dear! Have a blessed week!

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