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Weekly Oracle Reading || September 16th – September 22nd 🔮

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*

*What’s happening: Purity/Your Hard Work is Paying Off.

*What tools can we use: Truth/What Do You Need to Release?

*What’s the week’s outcome: Gateway/It’s Time to Release Negativity

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~~Old, limiting beliefs and patterns are falling away. This is a time of releasing and starting over, on a clean slate. A new job or new start in our professional lives is at hand this week. Mutual agreement and compromise bless us. ~~We need to be honest and speak truth from our hearts. Let go of anything that feels inauthentic. If we can’t be our true selves around people or situations, then it is not a fit and we should evaluate if it or we belong together. Move forward with as little resistance as possible. To release emotional baggage, try energetic work, such as meditation or yoga. Be ready for a truth to be revealed. ~~As we release negativity, we are making room for magic to unfold in our lives. An excellent time to act on goals. We’ve come to an end of an argument or conflict at the end of this week. We realize its time to let something go and forgive. We are refusing to engage in negativity.

Extended Messages: Resistance – You may have some inner resistance to the changing external forces in your life this week. Once you relax, new endeavors in work, life and love is at hand.   The Father – Fortunately, this is a time of stability and setting strong foundations. Choose the analytical over the emotional, and discipline over procrastination.


Have a blessed and abundant week!

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Oracle Reading || September 16th – September 22nd 🔮”

  1. Your summary of the reading syncs with my own reading plus a little more detail but I think something’s gone wrong on my end as I can’t seem to load the video. I’ll try again tomorrow. Thank you for all the effort you go to, Kim, so I can watch the readings at the beginning of my week, here in Australia. 🙏🏼🤩🤗💖

    1. Hi Gorgeous! Try now on trying the video – my apologies!! Kristi in our Facebook group posted a message saying there was an issue with the video. I embedded the video again a few moments ago – please let me know if you’re able to view it. I am bummed because I actually had enough good internet to get uploaded yesterday morning. Thanks so much for the beautiful reviews you left me on Etsy!!! I am going to find a way to thank you! I hope you’re having a beautiful week. Talk to you soon!! XOXOXO~Kim 💗💗💗😘

      1. Yes, I could see the video this time to play. Great reading! Especially as I can see, halfway through my work week, how true and resonant most of the reading is for me. Thank you, beautiful lady! And my review on Etsy was well-deserved, Kim. 💗🙏🏼💗

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