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Weekly Oracle Reading || October 21st – October 27th 🔮

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*

*What’s happening: Nightmares/Ending/Cycle.

*What tools can we use: Earth/Creativity/Fear.

*What’s the week’s outcome: Ego/Time/Illuminate.

🔮~Decks: #OracleofOddities #EarthboundOracle #HalloweenOracle


~~Nightmarish things are cycling to an end. News of suffering coming to an end in a friend or loved one’s life. Endings and new beginnings happening. ~~A powerful tool is to ground into earthly things. We are able to be super creative and to work through fears, all to unearth our bounty. We are going to be creative, despite fear. ~~When our egos question how long something is taking, we begin to see the truth, which is the concept of time is man made. Things are unfolding in its own divine timing. Some big and small truths are being illuminated.

Extended Messages: Hearth – Look at your idea of home and happiness. Make relationships priority this week. It is time to take concrete action steps towards a resolution. The Veil – The veil is lifting this week. Listen in particular to the messages about your future and look to what you want to happen. Plan, set intentions, visualize and think big!  


Have a blessed and abundant week!

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