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Weekly Oracle Reading || January 6th – January 12th🔮

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*

*What’s happening: Tree/Simplicity. 

*What tools can we use: Bat/Water/Tower/Creativity.

*What’s the week’s outcome: Whale/Earth. 

🔮~Decks: #ThePathfinderOracle #EarthboundOracle #EnigmaAMysteriousGameofChanceandDivination


~~We are replenishing our energy from a positive source. We are called to take action, but remember to go down the path of least resistance, or find a simplistic approach to a problem. Ask what is the simpler thing to do to find the answers. Yang energy finds us actively restoring balance in our lives. ~~Now is the time to share unique perspective and shine bright. Be a master of emotions this week, keeping a cool head. Express views tactfully, but it is a time to speak up. Be creative in the delivery of the message. ~~We reconnect with a family member, old friend or colleague this week. We are feeling grounded, centered, and connected. This week is about finding balance and connection with our selves and with loved ones and the world around us.   

Extended Messages: The Obelisk – The overall theme this week is yang energy can be positive or destructive. Channel this energy towards your highest good. Take a divinely guided risk or leap of faith this week. Move, take action, put energy into goals to see results begin to manifest. 


Have a blessed and abundant week!

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Oracle Reading || January 6th – January 12th🔮”

  1. 🤩😍 Lovely reading, Kim! Connection and risks are a definite theme for me this week as I catch up with family and friends while on holiday. Please take care as you navigate the energies of the week. 🔮📿 Many blessings to you and your loved ones. 🙏🏼😇🤗💗

    1. Hi there! I hope you and your family are safe and sound from the fires. Thank you for always being a bright spot in my week! Sending you lots of loving blessings your way. 💗🙏🏾🤗

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