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Weekly Oracle Reading || January 20th – January 26th🔮

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*

*What’s happening: Bat/Release/Message.

*What tools can we use: Canyon/Sol.

*What’s the week’s outcome: UFO/Creativity.

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~~It is our time to shine this week as we emerge from the darkness. We release negative stuff that was previously holding us back. We receive messages about moving on to the next steps, news of opportunities, or other endeavors we’ve been exploring. Our unique perspective and the ability to catch what others miss is what sets us apart. ~~When we are deep in our feelings, maintaining perspective and optimism is most helpful. Hardships and setbacks feels like resistance, but they are temporary conditions resulting from navigating change. ~~A return of creative projects and ideas at the end of this week. This weekend offers an opportunity to refocus our creative pursuits.      

Extended Messages: Telepathy – The ability to intuitively know what’s on others’ minds and will be immensely helpful.


Have a blessed and abundant week!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Oracle Reading || January 20th – January 26th🔮”

  1. Thank you, Kim, for yet another resonant reading. I felt like you were ‘on fire’ with deep energy during this reading. Or maybe it just resonated so deeply with me. 🤷🏼‍♀️.
    I particularly love how Bat and Telepathy book end the reading; these were the cards that confirmed the most my own sense for the week. And after last week’s reading being so accurate, I’m really looking forward even more to this week.
    May you and your loved ones be wrapped in joy, promise, creativity and love this week, beautiful. Many blessings and huge hugs 🤗🤗🙏🏼💖🙏🏼🤗🤗

    1. Hi Beautiful Friend! Cheers to a new week. I am feeling this fiery energy (in a vibrant, good way and not in a hot headed bad way, lol) that’s going to bless us all this week.

      Thank you so much for bringing a smile to my face each week. I adore you and your beautiful energy. Thanks for being a blessing to me and I hope you and your loved ones experience all the best this week.

      Sending you loads of love 💗🙏🏾💕😍🤗💗

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