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Weekly Oracle Reading || March 16th – March 22nd🔮

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*

*What’s happening: Flower/Release.

*What tools can we use: Mouse/Illuminate.

*What’s the week’s outcome: Goal/Perseverance.

🔮~Decks: #ThePathfinderOracle  #TheEarthboundOracle #DarkMoonDamselOracle #EnigmaAMysteriousGameofChanceandDivination


~~We are reminded we are still in an abundant universe this week. We begin to release fear, allowing a new beginning to blossom. We have to release something in order to make room for something more near to our hearts to manifest. What needs to be released? ~~We are breaking down negative patterns and walls. Others will see us as a formidable partner. This is a week of really seeing the truth of a situation and not leaning into negative group think. ~~This is is what we’ve been working towards and we made it! Certain things are coming to a close as we achieve important goals. We can see how all of our hard work and perseverance got us to this point. 

Extended Messages: Love – We are blessed in the area of love this week, whether we’re single or coupled up. Love in all forms is all around us this week. Bless others with compassion, forgiveness, and love. It will be returned to you tenfold.

Self-Care Message: Stillness/Free Flow – Explore meditation, guided or free form, walking, or sitting. Clearing out all of the mental debris can be supported with stillness and going with the flow this week.


Have a blessed and abundant week!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Oracle Reading || March 16th – March 22nd🔮”

  1. 🤗🔮 Gorgeous reading, Kim. I enjoyed your calming, wise energy more than usual. Thank you for sharing your superb, innate gift with us. I’m looking forward to watching your video on NWTS 2020 in a bit, too. Please take care. Much love and blessings to you and your loved ones, 🤗💗💗🤗

    1. Hi!! I am so happy to be back – it’s like coming home to my spiritual connection when I do these weekly readings. Thanks so much for watching each week and always being so generous with me!! You’re such a blessing to me. Please take care and sending you and your loved ones so much love. Take care and talk to you soon,

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