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🎉It’s My Birthday🎉! The Deck for the Next Tarot Study Is… PLUS a New Course! LIVE

Set your reminders! Livestream on my birthday, 2/11/22 at 2:40 PM AST. Announcement!!!

2ND UPDATE: Can you believe the power is STILL out?! I guess the Universe wanted me to be completely offline today for my birthday. I will reschedule for tomorrow. I’m so bummed and so, so sorry!!! On the positive, I had a great time exploring the town my hubby and daughter. We ate a great meal, went to the stationary store, then walked the beach. The town is so small that I ran into quite a few of my friends while we were out and about. Anyways, I can’t wait to hang with my virtual friends for a bit. See you soon!

UPDATE: After a week of rain, a large tree has toppled onto a main powerline, so we will have to push the livestream back a few hours today. If we get power restored before the new time, I’ll go live as soon as possible. Thanks so much for your understanding!

We have a deck for our next Tarot Study – join me for YouTube livestream where I announce which one is it! I will be going live, on my birthday February 10, 2022, at 2:40 7:00 PM, AST. We can discuss what we’d like to see in the upcoming Tarot Study and I will discuss some plans I have for it, too.

I will also be sharing some exciting news for Abundant Life Tarot Premium (my free and premium membership on my website) and Abundant Life Tarot Academy (a new course announcement) – so you do not want to miss this Live meetup!

Thanks for those who continuously support me, the channel, and Abundant Life Tarot as a whole.

Much, much love,

Kim 🌺

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