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A new course: Read Tarot Like a Pro With Jumpers | Develop YOUR Reading Style

I fell in love with jumping cards way back and recorded a video on 10/7/2017 to discuss this newfound connection. Take a walk down memory lane with me: https://youtu.be/fo7CP3wJCGc

A new course has landed at Abundant Life Tarot Academy: Read Tarot Like a Pro With Jumpers | Develop YOUR Reading Style!

Definition of style: 1. A particular manner or technique by which something is done, created, or performed.

Do you know your personal Tarot reading style? Have you ever wondered how card readers seem to mesmerize their audience or how they crank out so many readings? Have you marveled at their unique, at times quirky, ways of delivering their readings and wondered if you, too, have your own way of delivering your readings?

You know the card meanings, you even know how to connect the dots in telling the story, but do you know your personal reading style – your modes of delivering top-notch readings to others? Do you have a consistent, tried and true method on delivering your readings so that your clients appreciate your offerings time and time again? Whether you are seasoned or new to reading the cards for others – there is a lot to gain in taking this course.

A new course that delves into your Card reading style and we do this by learning one of my signature reading styles, which is shuffling and receiving “jumpers.” As I shuffle and say the question aloud, the cards fly out of the deck, as if hand plucked by Spirit. I then read the cards that jumped and to my mine and my client’s delight, the messages are on point, time after time.

I will help you learn YOUR own personal card reading style. We are each unique, not cookie-cutter in the least bit, and we need to hone our reading styles in our own way. What works for one reader may not for another. Thankfully, this course will help you get CLEAR on your reading delivery style.

Self-paced and interactive, this course will challenge and entertain you – there’s videos, regularly scheduled Zoom Reading Lab Sessions, and several tools to use as you learn and grow in Tarot.

🔮Link to the course for information and signup: https://abundantlifetarot.com/courses/intuitive-tarot-reading-with-jumpers-a-course-on-developing-your-reading-style/

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🔮Next Live Zoom Lab Reading Session is February 26, 2022, at 2:30 PM AST – sign up for your spot today! Let’s get you ready to shine as only YOU can in your readings.

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