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Choosing Your (Next) Deck & Curating Your Tarot Deck Collection

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This course is for the new-to-Tarot folks, the seasoned folks, the collectors, AND the readers – there is literally something here for everyone. The main takeaway? Never buy a deck again that no longer resonates. No longer feel guilty about your collection, big or small. No more having to deal with a bunch of decks that just sit on the shelf. And, this is especially for those who are just starting out in their deck collecting journey – let’s take the guesswork out of getting started!



My 2020 Depth Year – where I refrained from buying new decks – was a huge teaching moment for me. I learned a lot about FOMO (fear of missing out), delayed gratification, and when it IS time to buy or replace a new deck. It is my hope that my observations and lessons will help others on their own deck collecting journey.



This course will save you from doing something as drastic as a whole depth year, like myself. Not everyone needs to full on abstain from deck purchases for a year, while others could use some abstinence. This course offers tools to help you cull and curate your collection, based on your own individual callings.



When I first sat down to create this course, I thought it would be a few videos focused on busting myths and offering deck collection tips. Soon it became abundantly clear many of us threw ourselves into deck collecting, without giving much thought or intention into what we were purchasing. As a result, some of us have collected so many decks, we can’t make heads or tails of what to do with our large hoard.

Some people don’t mind spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on collecting decks, but it is absolutely not necessary. This course will help us embrace the collection we already have, while helping others find their perfect deck when it’s time to add to their collection. It’s about curating a collection that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is one that is a working body of tools for the readers, too.



For the seasoned collectors, this course will transform how you feel about your deck collection. For new collectors, you will curate a collection that is good for your soul, your budget, and your space.

Remember: Many considerations go into picking decks and the one(s) you choose today will influence what kind of readings you will perform, what kind of decks you will collect, and store on your shelves in the future – choose wisely!

Let’s get started, as we have a LOT to cover!

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Course Content

Course Introduction
This course will help new and seasoned readers and collectors in understanding the considerations in deck collecting. We will look at the important question: Why did you come to Tarot? To collect or read for others? Both? The answer to this question will be your guiding light to the types of decks to add to your collection.

  • Lesson 1

What’s in a Deck?
We will explore the different types of decks we have to choose from in our deck collecting endeavors.

What’s on Your Deck Wishlist and Why?
We will explore what is (and isn't) a wishlist and the importance of keeping it up to date. We will also look at WHY a deck is on your wishlist.

Tastes Change, Has Yours?
It is completely normal that our tastes in decks change over time, but how we deal with that is important and we will explore ways to navigate the changing landscape of your deck collection.

Spiritual Considerations in Collecting Decks
We will discuss the morality of deck collecting, what our intuition says, and what makes for a great deck connection.

Myths Surrounding Deck Collecting
This is a fun topic where we explore some of the myths surrounding deck collecting.

What’s in a Deck Connection?
We go a little deeper into what's in a deck connection. How do we know when we've found a "soul" deck? We will also explore what happens when the search for the perfect deck connection turns into an unhealthy obsession.

What is a Deck Non-Negotiable?
It is time to get familiar with our deck non-negotiables by listing and knowing them, so when we see a new deck, we can quickly identify if this is one that we absolutely must have or one that can be passed over.

Compose Your Deck Collecting Philosophy
We will draft our very own deck collecting philosophy and we will be able to collect by this very special promise to ourselves.

Final Points, Takeaways, & Tips
Final points I NEED you to remember as you graduate and move on in your deck collecting journey.

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2 years ago
I really liked taking this course. I loved all the contents that were given (all the spreads <3) that I will definitely use in the future. I really liked the little quizzes where I could talk about what I do with my decks and I manage them, etc. I liked that it was inviting me to share my experience. It felt like a safe space without judgement where I could put my thoughts.
I only wish that I had more than 500 characters in the response boxes in the quizzes because it was at times a bit short for me to express everything I wanted to say but I appreciated being able to connect further via email afterward. That was really nice.
2 years ago
Thank you so much Kim for this course. It is really enlightening. I have enjoyed taking it. It will help me to think about the kind of deck collection I want to build, but also about my singularity as a tarot reader.
2 years ago
Thank you Kim for creating and sharing this wonderful course with us. I really appreciated all your tips and all the resources + handouts you've shared. I know I will continue to refer back to them periodically. This course prompted me to put into words things I've been thinking about. The deck collecting philosophy spread really affirmed some ideas I'd been having but hadn't formulated thoroughly yet. I now have a much clearer wishlist and a collection spreadsheet inspired by your course which I know will help me stay organized. Thank you so much!! ❤😊
2 years ago
This class was wonderful. It helped me become aware why certain decks don’t work for me and won’t work for me. More important, it gave me new insight and appreciation for the decks I have and has allowed me to see that my deck collection needs a revamp and it’s time to pass some along. When I made my wishlist and I was researching prices, I realized that a deck I’ve lusted over for years and assumed was OOP (I’ve seen it for upwards of $250 on eBay), simply isn’t available in the USA and I found it for $65 including shipping from the UK. The wishlist exercises also helped me realize I wanted to cancel two preorders and reassess next year if they are for me or not. I don’t need all the decks, and even if I did, I don’t have money or space for all the decks. Thank you for putting this together. This has completely shifted how I look at my deck collection and what direction I want to take it in.
3 years ago
Great course! Helped me decide the direction I want to take my collection.

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