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About Course

Level up your card reading with this interactive course! Zoom lab sessions will be held on a continuous basis, allowing you to be trained and guided by me as you explore this card reading style. Even if you are not called to read with jumpers, this course is great for those who want to work with a professional reader to get insight on how to confidently blend intuition and card meaning knowledge into their readings. Cultivate a reading style that will set you up for a successful reading experience, whether or not you read professionally. This course is an investment in your Tarot reading experience offerings.

Course Benefits:

  • You will learn if the jumpers card reading style is for you.
  • We will go over techniques for a successful and enjoyable reading experience.
  • We will discuss potential issues and troubleshoot problems that could arise in such a reading style.
  • Your confidence in reading the cards WILL grow working with me during this course.

Whether you read the cards for yourself, for others, for free or professionally – this course will strengthen your reading skills. Want to gain the confidence of some of your favorite Tarot readers? TAKE THIS COURSE!

In addition to the comprehensive coursework consisting of videos, spreads, worksheets, and quizzes, we will have scheduled lab hours via Zoom for those who select this option. During our Zoom lab sessions, I will help students with their shuffling/jumpers techniques, answer questions and offer guidance in developing your personal card reading style and how to deliver a highly accurate, concise, and beautiful story with the cards for your clients. I will keep the lab sessions small or one on one, depending on the number of enrolled students who select the Zoom lab hours.

Zoom Lab Sessions: 

For those who select this option, there will be two (2) live lab sessions via Zoom. These live lab sessions are a minimum of one (1) hour in length. I will email you a schedule for upcoming live lab sessions that you can choose to attend.

Lab session topics: 

  • Lab for Lesson 3: Technical Aspects of Jumpers
  • Lab for Lesson 5: Interpreting with Confidence: Downloading and Conveying Messages

Upcoming Live Zoom Lab Session Dates

  • Lesson 5: Interpreting With Confidence: Downloading and Conveying Messages | Sat., Oct. 29, 2022 – 2:30 PM AST
  • Lesson 3: Technical Aspects of YOUR Reading Style | Sat., Nov. 26, 2022 – 2:30 PM AST

*Check back often for upcoming Live Zoom Lab Session Dates – meeting times will be added. 

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What Will You Learn?

  • Read the cards more confidently.
  • Build a reading practice that is intuitively guided and true to you and your spiritual gifts.
  • Gain confidence in telling the story with jumping cards.
  • Successful reading outcomes which leads to successful professional readings.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Introduction – What Are Jumpers and Why I Only Use Them
What constitutes a "jumper" in a reading? We will discuss what it is like to exclusively work with cards that leap out of the deck. ▪️This is not about the occasional card that may fall out of a deck - this is an intentional way some of us choose to work with receiving the messages of a reading. ▪️I like to think of it as Spirit hand plucking the cards out of the deck as I shuffle, contemplating the question at hand. ▪️I will discuss why I use this process as a means to select cards for every single one of my readings.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Jumpers
  • Bonus Video: When I First Began Embracing Jumpers

Lesson 2: How Natural Instinct & Intuition Tie into the Use of Jumpers
In this lesson, we will discuss the natural instinct we carry inside all of us and how it plays from start to finish in a reading. ▪️From the time we first feel a nudge to work exclusively with jumpers to an actual reading where we are intuitively guided to shuffle until a particular number of cards fly out of the deck - trusting our instincts is at the core of this Tarot reading style. ▪️We will discuss how we can discern whether or not we are to use jumping cards some or all of the time and when to stop shuffling (whether cards jump or not). ▪️Some may only be called to just work with the sporadic jumping cards, or others, like myself, exclusively works with ONLY jumping cards. ▪️We will explore spreads and exercises to determine what style works best for you.

Lesson 3: Technical Aspects of Jumpers
It's time delve into to what perimeters you will set ahead of time before you begin to work with jumpers. ▪️In this lesson, we will explore the way to shuffle cards in order to get the right kind of jumping card. ▪️We will discuss certain cardstock that lends itself to the best jumping cards experience. ▪️We will discuss how many cards are enough - is one okay and what does it mean when several cards jump or fumble from the deck? ▪️What about reversals? We will discuss the importance of knowing these perimeters before you sit down for your next reading. ▪️This lesson will come with a lab - where we will Zoom and I will be able see and assist you in learning how to work with jumping cards and finding a system that works best for you.

Lesson 4: The Question(s) Matters With Jumpers
Questions matter! We explore what role questions play in the use of jumping cards. ▪️Even if you don't always use questions, formulating a spread or a design for your reading is key to successful reading outcomes. ▪️This lesson will delve into how to formulate questions that yields detailed information in your readings.

Lesson 5: Interpreting With Confidence: Downloading and Conveying the Messages
In this lesson, we explore how to interpret the cards' messages with confidence. ▪️We will learn how to blend the intuitive hits, the cards' meanings, and the overall energy of the reading, as it all relates to the question(s) being asked. ▪️Need help gaining confidence in interpreting card meanings? This is the lesson for you. ▪️This lesson comes with a live lab session, which allows you to ask questions on how to interpret the card meanings with confidence.

Lesson 6: Types of Reading Delivery Methods & Their Potential Pros and Cons
We'll explore the following in this lesson: ▪Jumpers and the hotlines ▪Jumpers and Live or in-person readings ▪Jumpers video, email, or audio readings ▪Find your lane and comfort level For each of the listed venues, we will explore the pros and cons for each of them. We will also discuss times when it is just not feasible to read with jumpers for certain clients or reading environments.

Lesson 7: Last Tips and Final Thoughts
We will discuss the following during this lesson: ▪Be okay with taking your time to allow the cards to jump. ▪You are an interpreter/translator of energetic messages. ▪We are the bridge between the physical and spirit realms. ▪Giving yourself the space and grace to reflect. ▪Revel in the magic that is happening on your reading table - Jumpers are spirit's divinely placed cards for a reading. ▪This reading style is not for everyone. ▪This reading style can work for most all types of readings.

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