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On Demand Affirmations yes
Astro Monthly Readings yes
Monthly Astro Love Readings yes
Monthly Astro Abundance/Career Readings yes
Astro Yearly General Readings yes
Astro Yearly Love Readings yes
Astro Yearly Abundance Readings yes
Weekly Readings yes
Video Series: Connecting the Dots in Readings Across Multiple Cards & Decks yes
Video Series: Finding Your Unique Reading Style yes
Video Series: Finding Your Unique Voice in Readings || Tapping into What Informs Your Voice yes
Rebel Soul Monthly Tarot Readings
My Tarot Business Journey Videos yes
Free 5-10 minute reading monthly draw for Subscribers yes
Our Rebel Soul Journey - Activism & Tarot (Ongoing Video Series)
Quarterly Giveaways yes
Bi-Monthly Happy Hour: Tarot & Drinks FB Group Live yes
Honing Your Sacred Practice for Love, Abundance, and Happiness Video Series yes
Soul to Soul Reading: A monthly 30 minute Video Reading Session - You, Me & the Cards yes
Video Series: Tarot & The Rebel Soul || Tarot Card Meanings/Interpretations yes
Video Series: Treating the Love Hangover || Tarot Card Meanings/Interpretations yes

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