My Oracle & Tarot Deck Directory


Here’s an up to date listing of all the oracle and tarot decks I have in my library to work with for readings. If you see a deck you’d like me to use for your reading, please share the deck’s name in the comment/message box at time of purchase. I may still recommend a particular deck for your reading, so we will work together to have the best reading experience possible.

Oracle Decks Tarot Decks
Goddess Guidance Oracle Morgan Greer Tarot
Energy Oracle Cards Modern Spellcasters Tarot
Wisdom of the Oracle Centennial RWS
Angel Prayers Oracle The Good Tarot
Keepers of the Light Wheel of the Year Tarot
Native Spirit Oracle Cards Sun and the Moon Tarot
The Power of Surrender Dreams of Gaia Tarot
Sacred Rebels Oracle Thelema Tarot
Soulful Woman Guidance Triple Goddess Tarot
The Romance Angels Bonestone & Earthflesh (Late 2018)
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom Steampunk Tarot
The Power of Love Angel Tarot Cards
The Enchanted Map Oracle Tarot of the Ages
Dreamer’s Journey Numinous Tarot (April or May 2018)
The Soul’s Journey Lesson The Stretch Tarot
Angels of Abundance The Cosmic Tribe Tarot
Lightworker Oracle The Cosmic Tarot
Crystal Wisdom Oracle Darkness of Light
Postcards from Spirit Everyday Witch Tarot
Tarot de las Brujas NOLA Pocket Tarot
White Rabbit Oracle Sensual Wicca Tarot
Dear Heart Oracle Tarot of the Sweet Twilight
Earth Magic Celtic Tarot
Sacred Creator’s Oracle Spirit Within Tarot
Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Delta Enduring Tarot
Heal Yourself Reading The Fountain Tarot
Butterfly Oracle Cards Vision Quest Tarot
Oracle of Echoes
Sacred Traveler Oracle
Cosmic Reading Cards
Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Expansion
Oracle of Tanit
The Earthbound Oracle
Oracle of Oddities 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Ed
Vintage Wisdom Oracle
Oracle of Mystical Moments
Dear Heart Oracle
Shamanic Medicine Oracle
Mystical Shaman Oracle
Life Purpose Oracle
Karma Cards