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This Tarot and Oracle video reading is for those who are experiencing love sickness and hangover from relationship troubles and dilemmas.

If you answer “yes” to one of the following questions, then this reading is for you:

*Have you dealt with deception or habitual lies in your relationship or prior relationship(s)?

*Have you faced betrayal in your relationship(s)?

*Are you being tempted to stray or feel like your partner may be facing strong temptations?

*Do you have a jealous streak – for founded or unfounded reasons?

*Does your partner have jealous tendencies?

*Does a potential partner wave red flags?

*Do you always attract or fall for the “bad” boys or the “crazy” girls?

*Have you faced disappointment and constant difficulties in relating to your partner or communication problems?

*Do you suspect another “woman” or “man” in the picture?

*Have there been conflicts, constant arguments and tension in your relationship?

*Has addictions gripped you or your partner? Addictions include: substances/negative thoughts/co-dependency/emotional eating/excessive shopping, gambling, etc.

*Is there imbalance in your relationship and the level of giving that one partner gives over the other?

*Is there a lack of chemistry?

*Are you having a hard time letting go? Letting go of past transgressions in current relationships or letting go of old relationships?

This reading can help you navigate love’s sticky situations and give you the guidance and peace you need to turn your love life around. Your Spirit Guides are not here to judge you – they are here to help you – if you are willing to listen to the wisdom being channeled. I can help infuse light and love into your situation.

*This is a judgment free zone. Ask the questions you would be too ashamed to ask your friends and family. That said, I will still be honest and forthright with you – no sugarcoating.

What you get:

A video reading private link emailed to you, along with a short PDF summary overview of your reading. I customize a spread for your reading’s question to ensure a personalized experience.

Your Question Submission: Please submit the following in the “Order Notes” box: your name, date of birth, the person’s name that you may be inquiring about and their date of birth, and your question. Please provide any details you feel it necessary to share. You may also email the information to

Turnaround Time for Readings and Video/Email Sessions:

Most readings will be completed within 7-10 days from the date of purchase.

If you are hard of hearing, please let me know and I will make accommodations for you.

Please see FAQ section for information on Refunds, Cancellations, Privacy and Legal Statements.

Much Love,

Kim with Abundant Life Tarot

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