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💗Are you ready to start your family?
💗Have you had challenges in conceiving, in spite of getting a clean bill of health from your doctor?
💗Are you wondering if you will manifest having a healthy baby?
💗Have you experienced loss and wonder if you are destined to have a baby?

This reading will bring clarity, Divine guidance, and insights into what may be blocking conception, what is needed to manifest your baby, and how to overcome conception challenges.

When you book with me, it is not just about looking into the future, no. It is about me aiding you in manifesting the start of your family!

45 minute video or audio reading. CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING: AN AUDIO ONLY RECORDING, OR VIDEO ONLY READING, or am Audio or Video + PDF Detailed Written Summary option for your Tarot Insights. For a detailed written summary of your reading, please select the option that includes “+Detailed Doc.” Otherwise, I will include a short PDF overview of your reading and it will include your video link.

💌If you need answers right away, select the 24 Hour Audio Only Reading. For this option, readings are completed within 24 hours from the confirmation email date and time.

I will hold sacred space for you, conduct the reading, take a photo, and send your PDF written summary of your reading to your email, along with with an audio file link of your full reading. Readings booked after 8:00 PM Atlantic Standard Time will be dispatched on the next business day. Readings booked on Saturday or Sunday will be dispatched by the next business day.

Some of the types of information that can be revealed or questions answered during this reading are:
🍼Energetic or external blockages to conception.
🍼How to use Law of Attraction to manifest your miracle baby.
🍼Is what you’re doing right now working?
🍼Vital upcoming timeframes in your TTC journey.
🍼Divine messages from Spirit on your fertility & conception journey.
🍼Who or what is the cause in delay in conceiving?
🍼Ideal time to conceive and when are you likely to conceive?
🍼Divine messages surrounding loss with a pass pregnancy?
🍼How to overcome grief and move forward to having your rainbow baby?
🍼When is a fertile time for you once the blocks are removed?
🍼How to overcome the blocks that are standing in the way of pregnancy.
🍼How will pregnancy and childbirth go for you?
🍼Guidance on family planning.
🍼Heavenly signs that conception is near or that you are Divinely supported in this goal?

What Divine insights Spirit may share with us during your reading?
🎡Baby’s gender.
🎡Number of babies or children.
🎡When will you conceive and/or when will your baby arrive or when is the due date?
🎡Easy or difficult pregnancy and type of labor?
🎡How will your pregnancy go?

*This is a judgment free zone. Ask the questions you would be too ashamed to ask your friends and family. That said, I will still be honest and forthright with you – no sugarcoating.

What you get:

An audio or video reading private link emailed to you, along with a short PDF summary overview of your reading. I customize a Tarot or Oracle spread for your reading’s question to ensure a personalized experience.

Please submit your question(s) and the following in the “send a message” box: your name, date of birth, and your partner’s first name and astrological sign(s). Please provide any details you feel it necessary to share.

Turnaround Time for Readings and Video/Email Sessions:

Most readings will be completed within 7-10 days from the date of purchase, unless you’ve purchased the 24 hour option.

If you are hard of hearing or have additional needs, please let me know and I will make accommodations for you.

Follow Up Questions and Insights:

I completely understand and encourage follow up questions, as discussing what was illuminated will help retain the tarot wisdom found in our reading. You may email one (1) follow up question or request for further insight to me, within 36 hours of the reading.

Please see FAQ section for information on Refunds, Cancellations, Privacy and Legal Statements.

🛑 I am not able to provide medical advice, thus it is important to consult a licensed medical provider to aid in your health. This reading is not a replacement for professional guidance.

Much Love,

Abundant Life Tarot 🌺

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