FB Messenger 15 Minute Tarot & Oracle Reading


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Accurate, detailed, empathic, and insightful readings that can delve into past, present or future energies. Text your message to me, I will throw the cards and provide answers through Messenger for 15 minutes. Ask questions surrounding your love life, career, life purpose, or any dilemma you’re facing.

I will then send you an invite on FB messenger to initiate a one on one live session for 15 minutes. Please allow me 24-72 hours to send the invitation for our messenger session. We will coordinate a time that works for both of us and then meet up on the agreed date and time. Oftentimes, I can schedule the FB messenger chat session on the same day of confirmation.

I will take a picture of the Tarot and Oracle cards that jumped during our session to review as I am discussing the cards during our chat.

Please submit only 1 to 2 questions per session, as any more than that may not be fully answered during a chat. Please have your questions ready for our chat session, which saves on time and allows me to get the right decks and spreads for our reading.


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