Discover YOUR Intuitive Tarot Reading Style | Read Tarot Like a Pro | With Jumpers


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Zoom Lab Sessions: 

For those who select this option, there will be two (2) live lab sessions via Zoom. These live lab sessions are at least one (1) hour or more in length. I will email you a schedule for upcoming live lab sessions that you can choose to attend.

Lab session topics: 

  • Lab for Lesson 3: Technical Aspects of Jumpers
  • Lab for Lesson 5: Interpreting with Confidence: Downloading and Conveying Messages

Upcoming Live Zoom Lab Session Dates

  • Lesson 5: Interpreting With Confidence: Downloading and Conveying Messages | Sat., Oct. 29, 2022 – 2:30 PM AST
  • Lesson 3: Technical Aspects of YOUR Reading Style | Sat., Nov. 26, 2022 – 2:30 PM AST

*Check back often for upcoming Live Zoom Lab Session Dates – meeting times will be added. 

Read Tarot and Oracle cards confidently and receive clear, concise messages through exclusively working with “jumpers.” Jumpers are cards that fly out of the deck as you shuffle, as if divinely hand plucked by Spirit to the questions being asked. This course will help you get clear on your Tarot card reading style and read with more confidence. Confidence leads to successful readings and repeat clients who appreciate your gifts.

Level up your card reading with this interactive course! Zoom lab sessions will be held on a continuous basis, allowing you to be trained and guided by me as you explore this card reading style.

Even if you are not called to read with jumpers, this course is great for those who want to work with a professional reader to get insight on how to confidently blend intuition and card meaning knowledge into their readings. Cultivate a reading style that will set you up for a successful reading experience, whether or not you read professionally. This course is an investment in your Tarot reading experience.

Course Benefits:

  • You will learn if the jumpers card reading style is for you.
  • We will go over techniques for a successful and enjoyable reading experience.
  • We will discuss potential issues and troubleshoot problems that could arise in such a reading style.
  • Your confidence in reading the cards WILL grow working with me during this course.

Whether you read the cards for yourself, for others, for free or professionally – this course will strengthen your reading skills. Want to gain the confidence of some of your favorite Tarot readers? TAKE THIS COURSE!

In addition to the comprehensive coursework consisting of videos, spreads, worksheets, and quizzes, we will have scheduled lab hours via Zoom for those who select this option. During our Zoom lab sessions, I will help students with their shuffling/jumpers techniques, answer questions and offer guidance in developing your personal card reading style and how to deliver a highly accurate, concise, and beautiful story with the cards for your clients. I will keep the lab sessions small or one on one, depending on the number of enrolled students who select the Zoom lab hours.

Desired Outcomes and Course Takeaways: 

  • Read the cards more confidently.
  • Build a reading practice that is intuitively guided and true to you and your spiritual gifts.
  • Gain confidence in telling the story with jumping cards.
  • Successful reading outcomes which leads to successful professional readings.

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Course Level of Interaction

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