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My Hay House Oracle and Tarot Deck Collection

There are several publishing houses that create oracle and tarot decks, and Hay House is one of the larger outfits that produce tons of decks each year. Hay House was the first publisher of the decks I gravitated towards in the beginning of my Oracle Divination journey.

Their decks contain universal themes, are uniform in size, and are easy to obtain through Hay House’s website or on Amazon. The included guidebooks offers a generous amount of guidance and some even offers unique spread ideas for the oracle deck. The storage boxes are sturdy, which for those of us who likes to keep our decks in their boxes, is a gift.

Hay House creates mass produced decks, which is a good and bad thing. A good thing because it makes it so easy to obtain replacement decks if need be and you will not have to wait very long for a copy to be shipped. On the other hand, you can count on several people in the world holding the same Hay House decks you have, which may bother some people. For me, as long as the deck resonates with me or fulfills a specific need in my readings, I do not mind that every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world also owns that same deck.

In the above video, I discuss my Hay House collection in detail. Hay House was the producer of my very first oracle decks – Goddess Guidance Oracle and Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards, both created by Doreen Virtue. I still have the Goddess Guidance Oracle, but have since gifted the Messages from Your Angels Oracle to a teenager who is just beginning his tarot and oracle journey. The Goddess Guidance Oracle is accurate and is both for “prescriptive” and “predictive” guidance in nature. I have worn this deck out over the years with constant on and off use of it.

I now have amassed a collection of oracle and tarot decks from many publishers, but Hay House is still one I check out from time to time. My last Hay House deck purchased was the Sacred Travelers Oracle by Denise Linn – I adore this deck! I also love Earth Magic by Steven D. Farmer. Collette Baron-Reid also has some phenomenal Hay House decks.

What’s your favorite publishing house of oracle and tarot decks? Do you own many Hay House decks, and if so, which ones?

Much Love and Many Blessings,
Abundant Life Tarot

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Tarot Deck Junkie! VR to Fables Den

Hey there~

In this latest video response installment, we have a lengthy discussion about my soul mate deck, my top five fave decks, my go-tos for particular areas of life, and all other tarot junkie related goodness. Check out my video for more. Are you a tarot junkie? Share your tarot junkie tendencies with me in the comment section below!

Video Tag Questions:

1. What is your one true “soul mate” deck?
2. What is your top 5 favourite decks?
3. Which deck do you go for when you have to do career readings? Love & relationship readings? General readings? Do you assign specific “purposes” for certain decks?
4. Do you have a pet “oracle” that interrupt or intervene your tarot readings?
5. What’s your deck wishlist? (Top 5)
6. What is one gorgeous deck that you have but cannot connect with
7. What is your favourite deck with renamed systems or titles? Why?
8. What is your least favourite deck and why?
9. What is your favourite oracle deck and why?
10. If you were to create your own deck or dream deck–what would it look like?

Thanks for watching!

Many blessings and love to all of you,
Abundant Life Tarot

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Oracle Obsessed! VR to Imogen Walters

Hi Everyone~

I am most definitely obsessed with oracle decks and I am thankful to Imogen Walters for creating this video tag #oracleobsessed. Sometimes Oracle speaks more clearly to me on certain questions and dilemmas than the Tarot. Other times, only the Tarot can answer the questions. In most cases, I find I marry Oracle and Tarot easily, like peanut butter and jelly. What Oracle decks are you obsessing over right now? Check out my video to see why I am so wild over Oracle decks.

Imogen’s original video:…

The questions:
1) What was your very first oracle deck?
2) What’s your current favourite deck?
3) What’s your most used deck?
4) What’s your least used deck?
5) How did you learn to read oracle cards?
6) What do you use oracle cards for?
7) How do you read the cards? (Guidebook/intuitively/a bit of both?)
8) Do you use spreads?
9) Do you mix oracle cards with other divination systems, e.g. tarot/runes/Lenormand?
10) In your opinion, what makes for a great deck?
11) What do you feel are the differences between tarot and oracle cards? (Fellow tarot readers!)
12) Do you have any super unusual/unique decks?
13) What’s your current deck crush?
14) If you could only use one deck from now on, what would it be?

Thanks for watching!

Many blessings and love to all of you,
Abundant Life Tarot

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Tarot Obsessed! VR to Katey Flowers

Here’s my video response to Katey Flowers’ #tarotobsessed video. I forgot to mention in the video I adore the Sun and the Moon Tarot in a Tin. It is a top five deck for sure. And in addition to pendulums, I scry as another form of divination that I use with oracle and tarot.

1. What was your very first tarot deck?
2. What is your current favourite tarot deck?
3. What is your most used tarot deck?
4. What is your least used tarot deck?
5. How did you learn to read tarot?
6. What do you use tarot for?
7. How do you read tarot? (Intuition or book?)
8. Do you use spreads?
9. Do you mix tarot with other divination systems?
10. What makes a great tarot deck?
11. How important to you is it that a deck stick to the tarot system?
12. Do you have any back up decks?
13. Do you have any unusual/unique decks?
14. What’s your current deck crush?
15. Do you read reversals?
16. If you could only use one deck, which would it be?

Thanks for watching!

Many blessings and love to all of you,
Abundant Life Tarot

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Collecting and Storing Oracle & Tarot Decks

This topic occasionally comes up when a popular vlogger goes on a purging mission to shed themselves of too many oracle and tarot decks they’ve amassed. How many is too many? Clearly, this number is subjective and all in the eye of the tarot/oracle owner.

I have a small collection because I have just started out on the collector’s journey. There are folks in our community who have hundred and thousands of decks in their collection, while there are others who only work with one tarot deck. I knew one deck would never satisfy my thirst for new decks, as I love to look at lots of different art styles and I do readings for others. No two people are the same, so I ensure I give thought to which tools/decks I will use in a reading and one or two decks would not cut it in the type of readings that I do. But, do I really need 100s of decks?

I have to admit – when I see videos from the top dog vloggers showcasing their massive collections, it can cause bouts of envy. I then remind myself that although I would like 100s of decks, purses, shoes, crystals – I do not have room. I live in a four bedroom house with my three kids, a husband and one day soon a puppy. I do not have the luxury to carve out tons of storage for my decks. I want my decks to not be crammed or crushed by the weight of others.

I also want to be able to touch all of my decks throughout the year. I have this thing about having decks sit for months and years without being touched. I also had this same thing when I was a child and had too many dolls that no longer were played with. It’s not fair. Decks should be played and utilized. Sure, there’s the lust worthy collector’s deck that is never touched. But, the vast majority of decks we obtain are to be use and to be read with. It’s a shame when many do not get used.

I do not want to become a deck hoarder. My mother hoards designer bags. The tags are still on many of her bags and she may very well never use them. I know I have hoarder tendencies in my genes, so I combat it with some forethought and planning.

The small cabinet that stores the majority of my decks will be my barometer on if I have too many decks or if I have room to get more. As that cabinet fills up, I become a lot more selective on what goes in it. I also start to think about what decks I can give, sell or trade away. Once the cabinet is filled, no more new decks will be coming into my home.

Going into deck collecting with a plan and a vision of what your collection will grow to BEFORE it gets there is an effective way to manage your collection without becoming a large, massive distraction for you. Too many decks overwhelms the reader and oftentimes we spend so much time fretting over not using certain decks when we really should be letting go of the duds in the group and focusing on the decks that we are resonating with.

The other major issue is a plan and budget cuts down on spending on decks that may or may not work. I do not like to sell or trade decks. In fact, it is a strong reason why not too many decks come into my home – because I do not want the hassle of storing decks that do not resonate or selling/trading them when I need more space. It is better to bring decks in that I LOVE than ones I hope will one day become a top deck in my collection. I do not have time or energy for storing decks that are just so/so to me. Plus, I have to spend money on many other things in my life, and decks is just a small part of my monthly/annual budget.

Vlogger Nandora has an Excel spreadsheet, a budget and a formula to calculate the amount she’s spending annually on her decks – which is an excellent idea

Collecting or hoarding? How do you ensure its one versus the other in your life?

Much love,
Abundant Life Tarot

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#TarotShelf: My Aussie Oracle Decks!

This is the first part in a series I am doing on my deck collection. As I broke down each category of my decks, I realized I did not have as many as I thought I had – which is a huge blessing! I only have a small collection of Australian created decks, but the ones I do have are abundantly loved and regularly in my reading rotation. Featured are decks I own from Blue Angel, Llewellyn Publications, and Rock Pool Publishing. I own a total of 6 Australian based decks. I taking stock of my inventory and grateful to see that I do not have as many decks as it may seem.

Featured Decks:
*Soulful Woman Guidance Cards: Nurtarance, Empowerment & Inspiration for the Feminine Soul, Shushann Movsessian and Gemma Summers (
*Lightworker Oracle, Alana Fairchild (
*Sacred Rebels Oracle, Alana Fairchild (
*Cosmic Reading Cards, Nari Anastarsia (
*Heal Yourself Reading Cards, Inna Segal (
*Dreams of Gaia Tarot (

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