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I read exclusively from “jumping” cards – cards that fly out of the deck as I shuffle and ponder the tarot or oracle question. There are rare times when I have to use another method of picking cards, but my preferred way is receiving jumping cards from Spirit. It leads more to the randomness of a tarot reading. To keep from shuffling endlessly, I sometimes do a 3-2-1 shuffle countdown –  I shuffle three more times before I stop shuffling the cards, for time saving purposes. Oftentimes, if Spirit has additional messages, this is the time additional cards will “jump” out.

I found early on in my tarot journey that the messages are revealed because of our Oneness with the Divine. When I shuffle, I meditate on this Oneness and the client’s question. As I meditatively shuffle, the cards fly out and the answers are revealed. I now cannot imagine picking my cards any other way!

Whether I riffle shuffle or hand over hand shuffle, the cards jump, because that is the agreement I’ve made with Spirit early on in my journey – that I’d receive and know these messages were heaven sent. No matter the deck, I always experience jumping cards.

What is your preferred way to have cards revealed to you? Shuffling, then fanning out the cards? Jumping cards? Having clients picked the cards? Share your preferred method and tips in the comments section below.

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