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Tarot Deck Junkie! VR to Fables Den

Hey there~

In this latest video response installment, we have a lengthy discussion about my soul mate deck, my top five fave decks, my go-tos for particular areas of life, and all other tarot junkie related goodness. Check out my video for more. Are you a tarot junkie? Share your tarot junkie tendencies with me in the comment section below!

Video Tag Questions:

1. What is your one true “soul mate” deck?
2. What is your top 5 favourite decks?
3. Which deck do you go for when you have to do career readings? Love & relationship readings? General readings? Do you assign specific “purposes” for certain decks?
4. Do you have a pet “oracle” that interrupt or intervene your tarot readings?
5. What’s your deck wishlist? (Top 5)
6. What is one gorgeous deck that you have but cannot connect with
7. What is your favourite deck with renamed systems or titles? Why?
8. What is your least favourite deck and why?
9. What is your favourite oracle deck and why?
10. If you were to create your own deck or dream deck–what would it look like?

Thanks for watching!

Many blessings and love to all of you,
Abundant Life Tarot

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