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New Orleans Pocket Tarot Review

Check out the deck here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/modernmysticnola

The New Orleans (NOLA) Pocket Tarot is a must-have for the Tarot novice, as it is tiny and lists the tarot card’s meanings in both the upright and the reversed position. Some would say the lack of artwork is a hindrance to learning the craft, but I would counter that with sometimes people only need a few keywords to spark their intuition. So, for those who learn best by reading meanings on cards, this deck is for you. For those who are mostly visual, this deck may not work for you.

I am no longer a beginner in tarot, but I still find the NOLA deck very helpful when I am feeling lazy and do not feel up to interpreting photos or overthinking the card meanings. I do not use these for readings for clients, but primarily for clarifying things in my personal world. I wish I had this deck when I was first starting out, because it would have made my tarot learning experience easier.

The NOLA tarot can be purchased on Etsy for a very low price. In addition to the low price offered on Etsy, the deck creator Anne Richardson offers an even lower priced way to obtain the deck, directly from the printer of the NOLA deck. Also included with the deck is access to print spreads specifically created for this deck by Anne that can be downloaded.

The card stock is amazing for such an inexpensive and small deck. The size of the deck is comparable to the tiny size of the Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle deck. The design on the back is pretty, while the side with the messages appear to be on parchment type paper.

Some of the reviewers of this deck on Etsy indicated they read for others with it, but some professional tarot readers may take pause, because the keywords will box you into the meanings. However, I will say that the readings are accurate based on the questions I have asked, and although I would not use this deck for paying clients, I would consider using it for friends and relatives – again, when I am not feeling like doing a full on tarot reading.

Gift this deck to a friend who is a new student to Tarot, or to yourself for practice drills and personal readings, as it will not disappoint.

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