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Tarot Deck Giveaway!

Hi Everyone! I am doing my first ever Give Away!! I want to thank my viewers and subscribers for watching my videos and for all the comments. As a way of saying “thanks,” I am giving away the soon to be released, mass produced Poppy Palin’s Everyday Enchantment Tarot, a healing crystal, and a journal to capture your tarot/oracle musings.

1. All entrants must be current subscribers and its okay to subscribe today to enter the drawing.
2. To enter, please type in the comments section, “Count me in” and I will be sure to enter you into the drawing.

That’s it on the rules. What to expect:

The deck is due to drop on 2/28/2018. Once I receive it, I will send it, along with the healing crystal, your journal of choosing (I will ask the winner which journal they’d like to receive) and a message from me inside the journal to the winner. We’ll get the address details at the time of drawing.

Good luck peeps! One lucky winner will receive the deck and one follow up winner will receive a free 30 minute tarot or oracle reading from me. Although I state in the video that I, too, will get the Everyday Enchantment deck, I decided that due to my budget and space constraints, I will wait on my copy.

Much love and Many Blessings,

Abundant Life Tarot

Reach me with Abundant Life Tarot at:
Email https://abundantlifetarot@gmail.com

Disclaimer – This video is for entertainment purposes only. The owner of Abundant Life Tarot is not legally responsible for the actions or decisions made by people who watch these videos.

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