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Deck In Focus: Dear Heart Oracle

Hi Friends! Okay, I have been awaiting this day for a long time – to take a closer look at a near and dear deck to me – the Dear Heart Oracle by Cristin Chambers of PanArt.

Many of you have seen me use this deck often and that’s because I use it in both personal and client readings and it is my GO TO for most all readings. It is uncanningly accurate my intuition runs wild with Cristin’s beautiful images.

I’ve had the first edition, which I purchased on Etsy for the longest time. The only reason I haven’t done a deck review on this lovely was because it went out of print and I did not think it would be nice to discuss a deck that most would never be able to get their hands on – until now. I received a prototpye of the 2nd Edition and there are 3 bonus cards that were created just for this print run – so lucky souls, you get a little more than the first edition deck holders.

Cristin is hard at work on a 2nd Edition and I highly encourage you to check out her lovely Instagram and to get yourself a copy of this special deck once it is released.

Cristin Chamber’s instagram: pantheartist; Her Facebook page: Facebook.com/artbypan; Her website: https://linktr.ee/pantheartist

Do you own this little gem? What are your thoughts?

Thanks so much for watching!

Much love,

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*I received this free prototype deck in exchange for my honest review.

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