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Crystals of the Month: Calcite – Green, Yellow & Blue Stones

*~*Crystal of the Month: Calcite*~*

Green Calcite: Assists with grounding and centering. Promotes prosperity and abundance. Aids in manifestation. Enhances intuition and promotes psychic abilities. Helps improve garden abilities. For the heart chakra. It is a mental healer, dissolves rigid beliefs and old programs. This stone helps to let go of that which no longer serves us. A stone for successful communication. A stimulator for the immune system. Absorbs negativity and rids the body of bacterial infections.

Blue Calcite: A stone for the 3rd Eye or Throat chakras. Helps in recuperating and relaxation. Lowers blood pressure. Dissolves pain, soothes nerves and lifts anxieties. Releases negative emotions. Clear communication with this stone, especially when there’s dissent. Enhances intuition, improves focus & memory.

Orange Calcite: A great stone for the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Facilitates integration of the spiritual and the physical. Enhances self-esteem, boosts creativity, increases positive energy. Promotes healthy sexuality, improves all types of energies. Balances emotions, removes fear, and helps to overcome depression. Heals reproductive system issues, gallbladder and intestinal disorders (like IBS), and removes mucus from the system.

Suggested uses: wear your calcite around your neck; grid around your couch, bed or chair for maximum assimilation of the healing vibrational energies this stone offers.

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Do you have this stone in your collection? If so, what magical uses have you tried with this stone and what have you manifested?

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