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Weekly Oracle Reading: Week of Aug 12th

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*
*What’s happening: Secrets. *What tools can we use: Appreciation. *What’s the week’s outcome: Freedom.
Deck: White Rabbit Oracle
Underlying influences: Secrets: Influence; Appreciation: Vulnerabilty; Freedom: Decay
Deck: The Illuminated Earth Oracle

This week will find us dealing with secrets, both on a global and personal level. There are people who feel the need to keep secrets to influence outcomes and to extend your support for longer than you should. No worries, what happens in the dark, will come to light. All of us will be impacted by secrets this week .~~ Use your tool of appreciation this week, by stop clutching tightly to your “persona” and to how others perceive you. It is okay to be vulnerable to ask for help this week. You can show your appreciation through reciprocation. Create a vision for your future. ~~ You are being called to be more receptive this week. Remain open to opportunities, listen to your intuition implicitly this week. You will be more allowing of a new direction to unfold this week. Some of you may run after illusiions, chasing what “was” — having a difficult time accepting the end of a cycle in your life. ~~ Freedom is at hand for you this week, once you recognize you are now at the end of a cycle and you relinquish and let things die this week. Through this release (leaving a job, relationship or lifestyle that no longer serves you), you will attain freedom. At the end of the week, you will feel exhilerated, as you move from the old to the new. Do not resist this week, otherwise you will have a difficult time dealing with this inevitable transition.

Have a blessed and abundant week!
Decks: White Rabbit Oracle (pictured) and The Illuminated Earth Oracle (not shown)

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