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Giveaway Winners Announced!!!✨

A big congratulations and thank you to the winners alaja olaja and Shuffle Tarot!!! Thank you both for being such a beautiful part of this channel. Let’s connect via email for the prizes.

To everyone who submitted in the giveaway and who support this site – THANK YOU. It has been such an incredible journey and each of you have made my YouTube so much richer and deeply connected. Blessings to all of you!

Much Love ❤

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Weekly Oracle Reading || Dec 3rd – Dec 9th 🔮

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*

*What’s happening: Resistance/Chaos/Death/Renewal.
*What tools can we use: Fire/Courage/Decisions/Inner Strength.
*What’s the week’s outcome: Deluge/Abundance/Trust.

🔮~Link to Extended Weekly YouTube Video Reading: https://youtu.be/AQkR2Z6luOQ

Decks: #OracleofEchoes #OracleoftheMoon #TheSpiritAnimalOracle #TheIlluminatedEarthOracle #angelsandancestorsoracle

We may be butting up against the chaos this week. While it is hectic, try to focus on one aspect at a time, to help scale multiple tasks. A major change is at hand this week, so try to be present to the changes and know a period of restoration will follow the fallow times of depletion.~~Creative energy and inspiration is bubbling up, so be ready to harness that power. This week, the tools you will need to rely on are courage, making a decision about a passion pursuit or goal, and tapping into your inner strength. ~~There’s a deluge of deep emotions this week, highs and lows. Abundance is assured! Trust is built and maintained in and around us. For some, trust is restored, while others, it is broken.

Extended Messages: Sun – Time to shine. Opportunities to feel and be successful abound this week. This card affirms or answers “yes” to a question in your mind. Shaman – When feeling overwhelmed, call on your Spirit Guides or lean into the Universal flow that is always around you, waiting to help you. Cow – This card further confirms that miracles and abundance is our gifts this week – enjoy!
Have a blessed and abundant week!

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