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My Top 5 Indie Decks of 2018

I bought a healthy mix of mass produced and independent tarot decks, but some stood out more than others. Here’s a look at my indie decks that were added to my collection in 2018.

Decks mentioned: The Numinous Tarot, The Moonchild Tarot, The Textured Tarot, 78 Tarot Mythical, and the Dreamkeepers Tarot.

What top decks came into your collection in 2018?

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Why I Chose to Get My Business License for My Online Tarot Business

After much consideration, I decided it was time to take my once deeply loved hobby to the next level by getting a business license. This video details why I decided to get my business license for my online Tarot business and how I went about attaining it….

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Rebel Soul January Monthly Reading

Here’s the January monthly Rebel Soul Energetic Reading….

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