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Doreen Virtue Conversion – My Thoughts

Photo by Oleg Magni on There will always be the “Doreen Virtues” of the world. Here are my thoughts on the latest Doreen Virtue drama. In September 2017, I recorded the following video on my initial thoughts on Doreen Virtue’s conversion and her callousness in her denunciation of all things “New Age.” Not too...

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Abundant Life Tarot, ALT Premium

The 4 of Swords & the Shutdown

I threw a New Era Elements Tarot card or two regarding the longest U.S. government shutdown in our history. The standout card was the 4 of Swords, with its “Truce” keyword and the sea of birds in the card’s image (see second January 18th video).

A government shutdown has big and small effects, from hundreds of thousands of federal employees not working, to governmental agencies like the IRS ceasing to fully operate, to air travel woes because TSA has limited manpower. I even selfishly fretted over whether or not I would be able to fly to the Northwest Tarot Symposium in early March.

Alas, the shutdown came to an end, after 35 days. Sadly, we could be facing another shutdown on or after February 15th, if the President’s border wall funding is not included in negotiations amongst Congress.

I asked Spirit how long was the shutdown going to be for and how would it come to an end – and the 4 of Swords is what we got for an answer. Not just any 4 of Swords – but the New Era Elements Tarot version – that only this card could so eloquently sum up how long it would go on (4 weeks) and what would bring it to a close (a truce or compromise).

These following videos were featured on my Abundant Life Tarot (A.L.T.) Premium membership, under the Rebel Soul Level over the last few weeks:

Recorded January 12, 2019:

Recorded January 18, 2019: