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February Faves || Crystals, Tarot & Oracle on YouTube

Here’s a look at what I was vibing with in the month of February…

Crystals: Elestial “Alligator” Quartz and Lemurian Crystal Quartz

Book: Have Tarot, Will Party: A Comprehensive Guide to Party Reading for the Tarot Professional, by Jenna Matlin and Tarot Spreads for Empaths by Jennifer Soldner. 

Doo Dads: Palo Santo Smudging Spray by the Raven’s Wing Magical Co. https://www.theravenswingmagicalco.com

Oracle: Dear Heart Oracle, Oracle of the Essences, Earthbound Oracle, Moonology Oracle, and Angels and Ancestors Oracle.

Tarot: The Dreamkeeper’s Tarot and The Chrysalis Tarot.

Thanks so much for watching Sweet Souls!


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