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Unboxing Notes from the Universe on Love & Connection Oracle || On YouTube

Hi Sweet Souls!

An interesting little Hay House oracle deck, by Law of Attraction famed guru Mike Dooley. I recorded the unboxing of this deck in November and since then I have used this deck quite a few times for my monthly love tarot readings. I now pull one or two cards at the end of a love reading to tie up all of the meanings into a nice, succinct, and memorable quote from the reading.

I was not sure I’d like these cards, but as time has gone by, I have enjoyed using this deck. Do you have this deck? How do you work with it?

Thanks for watching!

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Getting the Most from the Monthly Astro Tarot Readings || ALT Premium

Each month I crank out monthly astrological tarot readings for all 12 signs, in areas of general life, love, and abundance. It is my hope that you get the most from these readings. Here’s some quick tips on how to get the most from your monthly readings.

Tip 1: Watch your Sun, Moon and Rising sign videos, but if you only know your Sun sign, that’s okay, too. A complete picture of your month starts to form when you look to all of your signs. Not every moment in your Rising sign will apply to your situation, but likely a nugget of information will fit and totally make the reading resonate even more deeply for you.

Tip 2: Take notes. Catching interesting points, predictions, or potential questions you may have are reasons to be ready to take notes as you watch the videos.

Tip 3: Check out your loved ones astrological tarot readings and see if you pick up on any coincidences or consistencies. It helps to see how the energies are flowing around you and your loved ones.

Tip 4: Have fun! Be sure to relax and enjoy as you watch – this is not meant to be heavy, burdensome, or sad. Even if shadowy type stuff comes up, take it as information that can potentially help you avoid pitfalls or costly setbacks.

Thanks so much for watching!

Abundant Life Tarot