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Unboxing the Sacred Symbols Oracle 3rd Edition || ALT Premium~Stargazer

Here’s an unboxing of The Sacred Symbols Oracle for Divination and Meditation, 3rd Edition, by Marcella Kroll. You can purchase this deck here: I am a sucker for simple, geometric shapes and punchy keywords, so this deck is perfect for me. The vibrant colors and the highly accurate readings makes this a winner for...

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Abundant Life Tarot & Truth II Power~Rebel Soul Convos || YouTube Live


Truth2Power Real Cover

Join me and my husband Waymond of Truth II Power on YouTube Live for a spirited and spiritual conversation on black on black violence and why it matters. We will be on YouTube Live on Monday, June 3rd, at 7:00 P.M., Pacific Time.

Hi Fine Peoples! I am a Tarot Reader and Rebel Soul Activist who wants to shine a light on certain issues that affect my community.

I was shaken and disturbed at the passing of rapper and Entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle of course for all the reasons that people have expressed why they were disturbed – he was a great man who as brutally killed by another black man.

Nipsey’s untimely death rocked me to the point of depression, as I recalled losing many childhood friends and classmates to gun violence, while growing up in East Oakland, California. I asked Truth II Power to join me in a discussion to help us all understand why this is happening and what can be done about it.

I will be joined by my husband and new YouTuber Truth II Power on my channel to have a live discussion on violence against black people at the hands of their own people. Truth II Power is a Black Studies major at University of California, Santa Barbara and also grew up in East Oakland, like myself. Disclaimer: He is also my husband and father to my youngest child 😁.

We will look at the deeper context of why this is happening and will look at how racial inequality and racism plays a sometimes insidious role. I will have tarot cards on hand for a spiritual nugget or two, as we navigate this tough subject. We ask that everyone be respectful and kind in the chat and thank you so much for joining us!

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Libra June Tarot & Oracle Readings ~ ALT Premium

Libra June General Life Oracle Reading Libra June Love Tarot & Oracle Reading for Singles & Couples Libra June Abundance Tarot & Oracle Reading Thanks so much for watching! Kim ALT Premium...

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