Cosmic Seer, Moon Dancer, Rebel Soul

Weekly Oracle Reading || June 17th – June 23rd 🔮

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*

*What’s happening: Protect/Otter.

*What tools can we use: Clarity/Turtle.

*What’s the week’s outcome: Flourish/Magic/Whale.

🔮~Decks: #DarkMoonDamselOracle #AnimalAlliesOracle #QueenoftheMoonOracle

~~We need to protect our energy, boundaries, and dreams. Remember “No” is a complete sentence. Otter is about examining our relationship to play and to accept What Is. We most certainly need to protect our freedom of relaxing, too. ~~We are gaining clarity on what is important in our lives and this will help in the big decisions. Turtle calls for us to ground, be patient with the process – we are getting there. Go within, tale a break, and protect. ~~Magical opportunities are being offered at the end of the week. Life is beginning to feel magical and bountiful again. The Whale follows its intuition. An intuitive hit will continue to bless into the following week.

Extended Messages: Darkness – It may be time to go within to strategize versus asking everyone or looking outward for the answers. Shadow work will help to release what no longers works for you. Protection – You are loved, protected and favored. Identify your fears and trust yourself. This is your week to let go of resistance and to lean into trust.
Have a blessed and abundant week!

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