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Unboxing My Very Own Love Oracle || ALT Premium

Hi Loves! A big chunk of my Tarot readings are of the love variety (singles and couples) and I have go-to Tarot and Oracle decks that I use when divining for love. One of these go-to decks is the Romance Angels Oracle, by Doreen Virtue. It is a well-worn deck, as I use it almost everyday. I wanted to score a replacement copy and that’s when I discovered the Romance Angels Oracle went out of print. If I wanted this deck, I was going to have to fork over $65.00! That was a hard pill to swallow for a deck that I paid maybe $10.00, back when it was in mass production.

I got to thinking – why don’t I just make my own love oracle? I was already working on a general life transformation deck, but with so many decks to play with, my pet project fell by the wayside. Now, I not only wanted my own deck to play with, but I needed one in the love category.

Over the weekend, I poured over images and created a spreadsheet for the key words. I wanted to make sure the deck was balanced with light and shadow, as well as a deck I could use for both singles and couples readings and the spreadsheets helped with this task. I checked out and was impressed with the price and the quick turnaround for printing the deck. I printed two copies and in a matter of 4 or 5 days from when I placed my order is when I got the decks in my hot little hands.

I am going to work with the deck to see if it is too light or too shadow and to see if I want to change out key words or pictures. I was planning to print one final copy that is holographic, but we shall see. I thought about the possibility of creating a love deck for sale in the future, thus a second copy was printed that I would share with artists who could use this deck as inspiration.

I really wanted something that felt modern, where many of us could relate to the images. The Romance Angels lacked diversity and I am not really feeling the angelic theme. I will probably still use the Romance Angels with other decks that have a similar look, but, for my more modern Tarot decks, I am using my very own Love Oracle deck.

So far, so good with the accuracy. I was watching the television show, The Affair, and the cards were jumping and mirroring what was coming up in the scenes (this is a weird game I play with my cards that I get a kick out of!). I can’t wait to see how it gets along in client readings. I will do a Deck in Focus video soon to share how I am getting along with it.

Thanks so much for watching!

So much love,

ALT Premium 🌺