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The Modern Witch Tarot Giveaway!!!

This is Abundant Life Tarot’s giveaway for The Modern Witch Tarot! Keep reading for what’s included in the prize, how to enter, contest rules, and how to claim your prizes should you win.

What’s in the Giveaway?
1st Prize:
🔮 1 Tarot Deck – The Modern Witch Tarot
🔮 1 Accompanying Crystal (Honey Calcite)

How to Enter?

To qualify for entry there are (2) two easy steps:

🔮Plug in your information in the entry form below.


🔮 Once I have received both your entry form and confirmed you are a YouTube subscriber to the Abundant Life Tarot channel, you will be entered into the drawing. For those who are already ALT channel subscribers, you simply need to select yes, you are already a member. Regardless of new or existing subscribers – I still need you to enter your YouTube user name that was used to subscribe to the channel.

🔮 Last day to enter this giveaway is Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 11:59 PM. Winners will be announced on Friday, December 13th at 7:30 PM, Pacific Time, during a quick mid-month Facebook Live check-in chat session.

🔮 After the announcements are made, please claim your prize within 5 days by emailing me your mailing address where to send your prize at abundantlifetarot@gmail.com. If prizes are not claimed within a week’s time from the day of announcement, I will re-draw the names and pick a new winner. Please, please, please claim your prizes!

Thanks so much and I look forward to announcing some winners! Good luck, Sweet Souls!

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  1. I am moved (teary eyed) I am encouraged to continue….foward right, I was feeling like I was rolling along balled up; like a rock in a box: like a metal ball in a wooden maze. I am there. Same old same old is all that you are saying. Yes looking and taking those steps is when I am. (found out how to comment on your website)

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