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My Top 13 Tarot Decks of 2019 || On ALT Premium

Here’s a look at my top 13 Tarot decks that I used quite a bit in 2019.

  1. Luna Sol Tarot.
  2. Spirit Within Tarot.
  3. The Vision Quest Tarot.
  4. Bohemian Gothic Tarot.
  5. The Slow Tarot.
  6. This Might Hurt Tarot.
  7. Light Seer’s Tarot (Indie and Mass Market Editions).
  8. The Antique Anatomy Tarot.
  9. The 8th House Tarot.
  10. Modern Witch Tarot.
  11. Afro Goddess Arcanas Tarot.
  12. The Moonchild Tarot.
  13. New Era Elements Tarot.

What decks did you love and use all the time in 2019?

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