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My Top 13 Oracle Decks of 2019 || On YouTube

Now on YouTube…

A list of my top 13 Oracle decks that I used quite a bit in 2019:

  1. MVOLO (My Very Own Love Oracle, an Abundant Life Tarot creation)
  2. Dear Heart Oracle 1st and 2nd Edition
  3. White Rabbit Oracle I and II
  4. Oracle of Nightmares
  5. Oracle of Essences
  6. Power of Surrender
  7. Queen of the Moon Oracle
  8. Moonology Oracle
  9. Earthbound Oracle
  10. Pathfinder Oracle
  11. Angel and Ancestors Oracle
  12. Energy Oracle
  13. Mildred Payne’s Secret Oracle

What decks did you love and use all the time in 2019?

Thanks for watching!

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