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Month in Review: September 2020 | On YouTube

Favorites videos has a new name – Month in Review: September.

Here’s a look at my favorite things last month:

YouTube Shout Outs:

Random Goodies:

  • SisterSpirit (Virtual 2020, typically a multi-day long in-person event): https://sisterspiritretreat.org/.
  • My Drum! Sadly, the seller who made my drum no longer has a shop that I can find online.

Crystals: Carnelian


  • Candle Magic, by Raven Willow, 2014.
  • Dreams of the Overworked: Living, Working, and Parenting in the Digital Age, by Christine M. Beckman and Melissa Mazmanian, 2020.
  • Honoring Your Ancestors, by Mallorie Vaudoise, 2019.

Oracle: Oracle of Echoes..

Tarot: Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot Deck, by Courtney Alexander; Victorian Romantic Tarot, by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahoney; The Mary-El Tarot, by Marie White.

Thanks so much for watching, Sweet Souls!

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