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Lesson 3 Lecture: The Deck Wishlist

The above video is the lecture without the students. Below you’ll find my notes from today’s lecture. I did hold a public lecture earlier today, but I forgot to record it. Be sure to join me for the next lecture on lesson 4 – Tastes Change, Has Yours? I will be sure to post details on

Welcome Students,

In today’s lecture, we will discuss the wishlist and why many choose to use such a device in their collecting practice. (Tour Lesson 3). We’ll break up this lecture focusing on the following:

Who: Deck collectors – new and old. A Deck wishlist is for those who want to a) keep track of their desired decks; b) be held accountable to their budget and their collection; c) remember what deck really called to them and to stick to deck purchases on their wishlist. Questions to ponder today: 1. Are there instances when it is okay to buy decks not on the wishlist? 2. Are there people who choose not to keep a wishlist and why? 3. Who benefits the most from wishlists? 4. Who may benefit the least from a deck wishlist? 5. What are your personal takeaways?

What: Deck wishlists. What is it? What is it not? I will show you my own personal deck wishlist and you will see me make some updates to my master spreadsheet from some sought after decks that have finally made it to my collection. We will discuss some other software that people use to track their decks and wishlists. Some are simply kept on a word or excel document. Others use websites, such as Amazon, to store wishlist items. Here are some other book storing apps that folks use to track their decks: Litsy, Goodreads, Scribd, Libib, Serial Reader, Delicious Library, Reco, Library Thing, Book Catalogue, Gerty, Book Crawler. Questions to ponder today: 1. What are some tips on how to make the most of wishlists in your collecting habits? 2. What are some challenges to wishlists? 3. Are there advantages to using an app versus a less structured method?

When: When to add, update, or delete a deck from the wishlist. We will look at my own wishlist to see how I manage it – when I choose to update it and why. Questions to ponder: 1. Do you always add every deck to the wishlist? 2. What are some benefits to keeping up to date on the wishlist? 3. What are some disadvantages to always referring to the wishlist? 4. When should one begin to keep a wishlist? 5. Are there reasons someone should forego keeping a wishlist or adding an item?

Where: Wishlists should be able to be accessed anywhere and everywhere. This helps in easily updating it in real time versus trying to remember or recall later what decks we want to add to our list.

Why: Wishlists gives those of us who need it, a sense of security and the freedom to not make an instant purchase. We can have a “cooling off” period, which is great for the budget and the collection. It allows us to do those spreads I have added to this course. It allows us to analyze the decks we are drawn to and why. It gives us a quick reference for loved ones who wish to give us decks, especially for those who have public wishlists.

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