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Month in Review: November | LIVE on YouTube

We had a fun time discussing my crazy month of November. Check it out! I will likely be doing more Lives in the future, especially for the Month in Review videos. I will spread the love by doing Lives on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

In last night’s live, I did go over some Abundant Life Tarot updates, so check it out.

We will be celebrating 2K YouTube subscribers and I am thinking about having a friend or two on with me to read the cards and do a fun Q&A. More to come! We will also be doing a giveaway, which will happen this month.

Now on to what I was loving during the month of November:

Random Goodies: My physical body. After this medical procedure, I have renewed appreciation for every breath I take and my body’s marvelous ability to recover. I am grateful.

Tarot Decks: True Heart Intuitive Tarot, Light Seer’s Tarot, The Lua Tarot, The Uncommon Tarot.

Oracle Decks: Enigma, Roots & Wings Oracle.

Thanks so much for joining me during the Live!

Much Love,

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