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The Games We Play | Intuitive Games with the Cards | On YouTube

How does a Tarot card reader unwind at the end of a long day of card slinging? Here’s a fun way I interact with my decks. What are some of the ways you play with your decks?

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2 thoughts on “The Games We Play | Intuitive Games with the Cards | On YouTube”

  1. I’ve noticed the cards reflecting what I’m watching or listening to! So much that I now know I have to be careful what I’m watching or listening to when I’m reading for a particular question, or the cards get confused.

    1. Hi Genna! It’s crazy trippy when the cards seem to reflect what’s on TV – and for me it happens all the time now. I am so glad I am not the only one who experiences this phenomenon. I might be watching YouTube or TV, mindlessly shuffling the cards, but about to do a reading and realize the messages are spelling out what’s entering my psyche. Thanks for sharing with me!

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