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The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Group Update | On YouTube

I am so excited to announce we are resuming our journey with The Herbcrafter’s Tarot in our study group.

I will be recording the last two suits that need to be covered in their own respective videos (the Fire suit was a FB live session, which was uploaded to YouTube).

To bring us up to speed, here’s a list of the videos related to our Tarot Study Group:
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Sessions || Part 1 – https://youtu.be/znrox4in-oo
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot: The Fool, The Magician, & The High Priestess Part 1 – https://youtu.be/nW4YqA-taGk
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Group | Pt. 1A – https://youtu.be/sVkYijL_gTM
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study | Empress, Emperor, & Hierophant Part 1 of 2 – https://youtu.be/Nu3idvGCPbk
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Group: The Empress, Emperor & Hierophant Part 2 of 2 – https://youtu.be/G7eAsb7HeUM
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Group Pt 3: Lovers, Chariot, & Strength – https://youtu.be/oKA6xSfKFD0
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Group: The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, & Justice – https://youtu.be/FnD_oiBOYK8
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Group Part 5: The Hanged One, Death & Temperance – https://youtu.be/LGcz9Ky6dLA
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Group Part 6: The Devil, Tower, & Star – https://youtu.be/Lj-HGBSR_OY
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Group Part 7: The Star continued, Moon, & Sun – https://youtu.be/YNb7ueSmyd4
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Group: Part 8 Judgment & The World Cards – https://youtu.be/OsX2rdAE9Sc
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Group: Part 9 Introducing the Minors – https://youtu.be/ceaE2HKJzEw
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Group | Fire Suit – https://youtu.be/xE3i5TxX0nU
🔮The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Unboxing – https://youtu.be/tnaP9_kSbrw
🔮Tarot Combinations || The Herbcrafter’s Tarot – https://youtu.be/ek3b3r_WUFY

Thanks so much for watching!!

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