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My 2021 Deck Wishlist Analysis | Post YouTube Live

I recently culled my deck wishlist, with the help of my friends on YouTube. During my YouTube live, I was able to cut my wishlist from 50 to 23. After a couple of days of tidying up my wishlist even further, I was able to get it down to 11 Tarot and Oracle decks.

I had to be really honest with myself on why I really wanted a particular wishlist deck to be added to my collection. Oftentimes, I found that the desire for that deck has waned and I no longer really want it. Other times, I was able to discern where a particular wishlist deck had qualities in some of my decks that I already own.

I added a “date added” column on my spreadsheet to track when I added a deck to my wishlist. This will help me to see how long a deck stays on the wishlist before I make a decision about it. I do track how much money the total cost of decks are on the wishlist and the grand total is $486.11, which includes shipping and customs costs. Out of the 11 decks on my wishlist, I identified five that are very likely to be added to my collection at some point in the future. The total cost of the decks that are “very likely” to be added to the collection is $186.17. All but four decks that are very likely to be added were placed on the wishlist this year.

It feels reassuring to have a solid wishlist that includes decks I want in my collection, reflects my current tastes, and is realistic in terms of my budget. My wishlist ballooned to 50 last year because I was in a Depth Year (where I refrained from making new deck purchases). A sweet spot would be about 5 decks at a given time on my wishlist, as I plan to limit deck purchases to no more than 5 in 2022.

A beautiful surprise happened for me during this culling wishlist process. A dear friend who was on the YouTube live session with me saw one of my wishlist decks and offered to give it to me, which is such an unexpected miracle – as it is out of print and very difficult to find. I did not expect that and I am so grateful.

I now have the task of updating my Tarot and Oracle tracking spreadsheets to reflect what decks are still in my collection, which ones have been sold/given away, and which ones I plan to send to my new home. I will also identify more decks to sell and giveaway, too, as I plan to cut my deck collection by up to 50%. I have my work cut out for this project, but it is a worthwhile endeavor and I promise myself that I will see to it that all of my decks make their way to their proper home – whether that’s to me or to a new person.

Not everyone needs a wishlist, but for those who do, it can be a great way to analyze your tastes, see your anticipated costs (don’t forget to add shipping!), and to help stay on track of getting decks that do not have “non-negotiables” or has qualities that are already found in another deck that’s already in the collection.

Do you have a wishlist? What do you find really useful about them? Where do you struggle with wishlists? If you don’t use a wishlist, what are ways you track your desired decks or changing tastes?

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