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Hoodoo Tarot Study | Week 2 Journal and Tarot Prompt

What tools do our Ancestors strongly encourage us to use in order to work with them?

Hello! The above bolded question is our second weekly journal and Tarot spread prompt. I will post our journal/tarot prompt every Monday during the duration of our Tarot study. I may or may not create a Tarot spread from the prompt for every week, but feel free to create your own spreads and share them with the group. To simplify things, I use the journal prompts as inspiration for spreads and you can feel free to do the same.

Each day, we’re doing a draw for 2 solid weeks. It can be one card or as many as you’d like. Please do the journal prompt for your weekly journal entry, but the Tarot spread prompt is optional and just a guide for those who need it. Take a look at your fellow members’ posts to comment and for inspiration. 

For me, I may take a Tarot spread I’ve created and break it down into one card draws for this week. Or, I may use the full spread for one day and the daily draws for the rest of the week. Please feel free to use your own spreads and inspiration for your daily draws or spreads. Share your spreads, thoughts, ideas, etc. in the group.

You only need to do one weekly journal entry, but feel free to journal as much as you would like. I plan to do at least a paragraph following a daily card draw.

*Note to Instagram Tarot Study Group members: continue to tag #HoodooTarotStudy and me on your IG posts and I will chat on your individually on a weekly basis. For a more robust, dynamic experience, be sure to join me on upcoming lives (or watch the playback) and continue to do the work for your two weeks. 

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