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The Antique Anatomy Tarot Study Group | Starts 10/1/2021!

I will be hosting a livestream on Friday, October 1, 2021, at 2:30 PM EST, which will be our kickoff for The Antique Anatomy Tarot Study! Join me!

We will begin The Antique Anatomy Tarot Study Group on October 1, 2021 and I hope you’re excited as I am!

I have created a self-paced schedule for our Tarot Study Group. Print or save the included document and check off your activities as you complete them.

Remember: You can use any deck with the Abundant Life Tarot Study.

The bulk of the Tarot study work happens in the Abundant Life Tarot Group on Facebook. You can still tag #TheAntiqueAnatomyTarotStudy on Instagram with any posts you include on that site. There will be five videos for the Tarot Study will be posted on YouTube and will be shared in the Facebook group. Please watch them, as they will help in deepening our understanding of PIP decks and Tarot correspondences. 

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Group Members:

Important: 2 weeks of working exclusively with the deck in 1 to 3 card draws to questions or daily guidance. The weekly journal prompts I provide can also be used as short spreads to use for your daily draws. This is a 2 week commitment for all of us and we should endeavor to post our efforts in the Facebook group or on Instagram. If you have to miss a day, then just pick back up when you can commit to 2 consecutive weeks of posting. If now is not a good time to make the commitment, then start when your schedule allows for it. This is an evergreen Tarot study and can be started anytime.

Important: 2 weeks of committed journaling (journal at least one journal entry per week). I will post journal prompts at the beginning of each week during our Tarot study. We can also use the journal prompts as questions in a short spread. **A note on journal prompts – you can certainly use your own prompts for your journal entries. Make the journal experience unique for you and your Ancestors’ expression.

Members can use spreads from the book and share their readings in pictures, videos or posts. Members can also share spreads they find work well with the deck.

If you have any book or internet link recommendations, please share them in the Facebook group. We can compile a master list of resources to support this particular Tarot study.

Abundant Life Tarot:

▪ 10/1/2021 (Time TBA) Opening Day – I will lead a YouTube Live to welcome everyone to the Tarot Study and chat a bit about the deck. We can answer some questions and share feedback on people’s experiences with the Antique Anatomy Tarot Study. For those who do not have the deck, we will hear from you on what deck you plan to use for this latest Tarot study.

▪ I will post weekly prompts that can be used for the daily card draws or journal prompts.

▪ For 56 days, I will post a card from the Minors each day in the Facebook group, which will allow us to delve into its meaning together.

▪ I will post five videos related to this Tarot Study addressing the following: Deriving meaning from colors, numerology, the four elements, companion cards, and ways to work with the Tarot.

▪ This Tarot Study is an opportunity to get to know not just a deck, but also our inner landscapes, too. You will not need the Antique Anatomy Tarot to participate. The prompts, looking at card meanings and learning about the Antique Anatomy is plenty for people to explore.

▪ I’ve created a tracking log for those who are interested in noting their weekly progress throughout the Tarot study.

It is my hope that we find expansion in our understanding of the pips, and foster an environment for friendships, connection, and spiritual nourishment during this Tarot Study Group. Welcome to The Antique Anatomy Tarot Study!

Much love,

bundant Life Tarot 🌺

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