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Connecting the Dots in Tarot & Oracle Readings Series Ep. 1 | ALT Premium

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The Antique Anatomy Tarot Study | Week 3 Journal and Tarot Prompt

Week 3: The card that jumped and called for further introspection was the 9 of Rods.
Journal Prompt: What is an area in your life where you’re feeling at the end of your rope and having difficulty pushing to the finish line? What internal and external influences/forces are at play? What guidance does Spirit have for you in this time as this phase in your life nears completion?

I will post our journal/tarot prompt every Monday during the duration of our Tarot study. I may or may not create a Tarot spread from the prompt for every week, but feel free to create or use your own spreads and share them with the group. To simplify things, I use the journal prompts as inspiration for spreads and you can feel free to do the same.

Each day, we’re doing a draw for 2 solid weeks. It can be one card or as many as you’d like. You only need to complete one journal entry per week – but feel free to do more than one day per week of journaling.

Take a look at your fellow members’ posts to comment and for inspiration. Share your spreads, thoughts, ideas, etc. in the group.


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