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Submit Your Questions for Tarot Love Clinic

The next Tarot Love Clinic livestream is scheduled for Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 2:30 Atlantic Time.

I am accepting YOUR questions from viewers for our next Tarot Love Clinic (T.L.C.)!

Questions can be about your love life, a querent’s love life where you’re performing the reading, or general questions on how to deliver stellar love readings. You may be struggling with a particular card’s meaning or how to deliver a message – these are all acceptable questions we can explore during upcoming T.L.C. livestreams.

Please submit your questions in the form below. Watch upcoming T.L.C. livestreams for the answers to your questions.

Thanks for submitting your questions and joining me during Tarot Love Clinic livestreams. I am excited to help in any way that I can to answer your questions or mentor you in delivering love readings. See you at the next live!